Sentence Examples with the word loading

The increased loading space required in the sheds is obtained by multiplying the number and the length of lines and platforms; sometimes also there are short sidings, cut into the platforms at right angles to the lines, in which wagons are placed by the aid of wagon turn-tables, and sometimes the wagons are dealt with on two floors, being raised or lowered bodily from the ground level by lifts.

She kept her focus on the task of loading her plate, avoiding his gaze.

Three rivers emptying into the bay - the San Juan, Canimar and Yumuri - have deposited much silt, necessitating the use of lighters in loading and unloading large ships.

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Trembling and panting the old man fell into that state of fury in which he sometimes used to roll on the ground, and he fell upon Eykhen, threatening him with his hands, shouting and loading him with gross abuse.

He caught up with Shipton on the sidewalk where the man was holding a handkerchief to the side of his head while loading gear to his vehicle and chuckling to himself.

For coal, iron ore and other cheap minerals, mechanical handling by many different methods is used in loading and unloading railway wagons and vessels, and in forming the stock-piles and reloading the mineral therefrom.

The docks are provided with gas and electric lights, 18 steam cranes for loading and discharging vessels, a triple line of railway and a supply of fresh water.

And affords deep and secure anchorages and ample facilities for loading and unloading large vessels.

The loading forces to be considered are vertical, the horizontal forces due to wind pressure are treated separately and provided for by a horizontal system of bracing.

Her step slowed as she saw their destination: a poorly lit loading area around the corner from the Macy's.