Sentence Examples with the word loaded

Venturing one day to substitute deeds for words, he turned up his cuffs, seized a plasterer's board, and having loaded his trowel without mishap, with a complacent look toward the lathing overhead, made a bold gesture thitherward; and straightway, to his complete discomfiture, received the whole contents in his ruffled bosom.

It was a German cart with a pair of horses led by a German, and seemed loaded with a whole houseful of effects.

Their method was to use innuendo, loaded questions and smears.

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The speed due to the excess of weight on the loaded side is controlled by a brake on the drum.

While other hulls are loaded down with alien stuff, to be transferred to foreign wharves; the world-wandering whale-ship carries no cargo but herself and crew, their weapons and their wants.

An engine plane is an inclined road, up which loaded cars are hauled by a stationary engine and rope, the empty cars running down by gravity, dragging the rope after them.

Putnam loaded his gun again.

Maybe he wondered as well - maybe he considered it a loaded subject.

I stand alone here upon an open sea, with two oceans and a whole continent between me and law.--Aye, aye, 'tis so.--Is heaven a murderer when its lightning strikes a would-be murderer in his bed, tindering sheets and skin together?--And would I be a murderer, then, if--and slowly, stealthily, and half sideways looking, he placed the loaded musket's end against the door.

The sun was casting its last orange rays into the sky when they all loaded onto the wagon and headed into the field.