Sentence Examples with the word lloyd

He was one of the earliest political opponents of slavery, as distinguished from the radical Abolitionists, or the followers of William Lloyd Garrison, who eschewed politics and devoted themselves to a moral agitation.

Early in that year was begun The Wrong Box, a farcical romance in which Mr Lloyd Osbourne participated; Stevenson also began a romance about the Indian Mutiny, which he abandoned.

From September 1829 until March 1830 Lundy was assisted in the editorship of the paper by William Lloyd Garrison.

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Cherbourg is a port of call for the American, North German Lloyd and other important lines of transatlantic steamers.

He was followed by William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), Elijah P. Lovejoy (1802-1837)- a martyr, if ever there was one - Wendell Phillips, Charles Sumner, John Brown (b.

He followed up this action by strongly urging the Labour party to rally in Dec. 1916 to Mr. Lloyd George, and by accepting himself the position of an original member of the War Cabinet of four without portfolio.

The government had been losing ground in the country, and Mr Lloyd George and Mr Winston Churchill were conspicuously in alliance in advocating the use of the budget for introducing drastic reforms in regard to licensing and land, which the resistance of the House of Lords prevented the Radical party from effecting by ordinary legislation.

Events had now made Mr Lloyd George and his financial policy the centre of the Liberal party programme; but party tactics for the moment prevented the ministry, who remained in office, from simply sending the budget up again to the Lords and allowing them to pass it.

To promote national health had always been his main object in politics, and when Mr. Lloyd George reconstructed his Ministry in the beginning of 1919, he entrusted the Local Government Board to Dr. Addison, that he might complete Lord Rhondda's work and transform it into a Ministry of Health.

The president of the Board of Trade was the chief success of the ministry, and when Mr Asquith became premier in 1908 and promoted Mr Lloyd George to the chancellorship of the exchequer, the appointment was well received even in the City of London.