Sentence Examples with the word lizard

In the article Lizard attention is drawn to the many characters which make it difficult, if not impossible, to give diagnoses applicable to all lizards and all snakes.

The list of reptiles is limited to three varieties of lizard and one species of frog.

There are four species of lizard and three snakes, none of which is venomous; a land tortoise, a turtle and a frog.

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This lizard when startled rises with the fore-legs off the ground and squats and runs on its hind-legs.

This lizard is oviparous.

Apart at the Lizard to 21 at Dover.

The skink, which has given the name to the whole family, is a small lizard (Scincus officinalis) of 6 or 8 in.

The common lizard (Lacerta vivipara) frequents heaths and banks in England and Scotland, and is locally met with also in.

The remarkable features of the scenery of South Devon and Cornwall are due to a narrow band of Archaean rock which appears in the south of the peninsulas terminating in Lizard Head and Start Point, and to huge masses of granite and other eruptive rocks which form a series of great bosses and dykes.

A species of lizard grows nearly 4 ft.