Sentence Examples with the word living room

We sat around the living room on a long sectional sofa while Howie remained standing as he began.

She didn't seem surprised to find others in the living room and took a seat next to Effie, looking less a nighttime specter than an exhausted victim.

When she came through the living room the fire was roaring, but Cade was nowhere in sight.

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She crossed the living room and paused at the door, looking through the peep hole.

The living room was equipped with a massive flat screen television and worn furniture.

There was no way I was going to brief Howie on all that had happened, how his living room is covered in blood and his house has been ransacked; not in his present state of mind.

While Betsy and I shared one bedroom and the LeBlanc's the other, Howie was stuck on the living room sofa.

The lights were on in the LeBlanc living room as I pulled into the drive.

She felt Ving's gaze on her as she crossed the living room and disappeared into the kitchen.

Once we were sated and gathered in the living room Betsy began work on her computer.