Sentence Examples with the word livery

One of the most notable parts of the kings policy was his long-continued and successful assault on the abuse of livery and maintenance, which had been at its height during Suppresthe Wars of the Roses.

Robert of Berkeley, the eldest son of Maurice, paid in 1190 the vast sum of i 000 for livery of his great inheritance, but, rising with the rebellious irr.

Violent attacks were made upon the Livery Companies, but of late years, largely owing to the public spirit of the companies in devoting large sums of money towards the improvement of the several industries in connexion with which they were founded, and the establishment of the City and Guilds of London Technical Institute, a complete change has taken place as to the public estimation in which they are held.

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The company, or rather, the wardens, the assistants and livery presented a petition to the lord mayor, which was answered by the discontented craftsmen.

William Herbert published in 1837 History of the Twelve great Livery Companies of London, and in 1869 Thomas Arundell published Historical Reminiscences of the City and its Livery Companies.

Mrs. Martin is off to a WCTU meeting in Montrose and Joshua rented a sleigh at the Union Livery that just opened.

In 1432 he obtained livery of his lands and afterwards went over to Ireland to take possession of his estates there.

A Royal Commission was appointed in 1880 to inquire into all the livery companies, into the circumstances and dates of their foundation, the objects for which they were founded, and how far those objects were being carried into effect.

The pernicious practice of livery and maintenance was now at its zenith; all over England in times of stress the knighthood and gentry were wont to pledge themselves, by sealed bonds of indenture, to follow the magnate whom they thought best able to protect them.

We have seen the part which slon of it had taken in strengthening the influence of those livery and who were already too powerful, and weakening the inaintenordinary operation of the law.