Sentence Examples with the word lived in

He lived in retirement until the establishment of the Consulate, when he entered the tribunate, of which he was for some time president.

Jundt (Les Amis de Dieu, 1879) shared Preger's view that the Friend was a great unknown who lived in or near Chur (Coire) in Switzerland.

Thus a Phoenician colonist might desire to carry abroad the cult of a certain Baal or Astarte who lived in a conical stone or pillar.

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After fourteen years' confinement, he was released on bail and lived in Holborn, where his benevolence was shown by all manner of works of charity.

This little dog lived in their shed, sleeping beside Karataev at night; it sometimes made excursions into the town but always returned again.

Those who had been scattered from Palestine lived in small colonies, sometimes mingling and intermarrying with the natives, sometimes strictly preserving their own individuality.

After his death his wife lived in what is still known as the Murat Homestead, about 2 m.

SCYLAX OF CARYANDA (in Caria), Greek historian, lived in the time of Darius Hystaspis (521-485 B.C.), who commissioned him to explore the course of the Indus.

The Rostovs lived in the same hospitable way in Petersburg as in Moscow, and the most diverse people met at their suppers.

Since their marriage Natasha and her husband had lived in Moscow, in Petersburg, on their estate near Moscow, or with her mother, that is to say, in Nicholas' house.