Sentence Examples with the word live in

Some who live in the outskirts, having come to town a-shopping in their wagons, have been obliged to put up for the night; and gentlemen and ladies making a call have gone half a mile out of their way, feeling the sidewalk only with their feet, and not knowing when they turned.

His whole short corpulent figure with broad thick shoulders, and chest and stomach involuntarily protruding, had that imposing and stately appearance one sees in men of forty who live in comfort.

Arany at once resolved that it was his duty never to leave his father again, and a conrectorship which he obtained at this time enabled them to live in modest, comfort.

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They live in the house of Indra and with their wives, the Apsaras, beguile the time by singing, acting and dancing.

It was like he didn't live in the house.

The qualifications for electors and members of the council are the same as for the members elected by the province to the House of Assembly (save that a provincial councillor must live in the province in which his constituency is situated).

We do not call it disease when pathogens of a non-harmful or even beneficial type live in the human body.

On our action now depends the question whether our children shall curse or bless us; whether we shall live in their memory as promoters of civil strife, with all its miserable consequences, or as joint architects of a happy, prosperous and united state.

The distribution of life-zones is primarily a matter of altitude and corresponds to that of the isotherms. The mountain goat and mountain sheep live in the Sierran upper-land, though long ago well-nigh exterminated.

The three of us live in a five-room ranch with a fat mortgage and less than a thousand dollars in the bank.