Sentence Examples with the word live

Prince Andrew blushed, as he often did now--Natasha particularly liked it in him--and said that his son would not live with them.

They came accompanied by a band of Roman maidens vowed to live a celibate life in a nunnery in Palestine.

That man shall not live by bread alone, the world had learned before Neoplatonism; but Neoplatonism enforced the deeper truth - a truth which the older philosophy had missed - that man shall not live by knowledge alone.

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Darkyn is not an easy person to understand or live with, and I'm still not certain at all what to think of him at times.

I try to live in harmony with nature.

These forms differ very little from those that live at the present day in the same part of the world, and some of the genera (Discoglossus, Bufo, Oxyglossus, Rana) are even identical.

Have become, or are transforming themselves into, absolutely cursorial forms; some members of one group live entirely on seeds, while others have become fierce fishers, and so forth.

But I wish to show at what a sacrifice this advantage is at present obtained, and to suggest that we may possibly so live as to secure all the advantage without suffering any of the disadvantage.

Her words fed at the small piece of him that didn.t want to live in Hell forever, that still thought he could go back to the Immortals and his old life.

He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society on the 26th of February 1807; he married and went to live in London in the same year, and in 1811 succeeded Maskelyne as astronomer-royal.