Sentence Examples with the word liturgy

The Assembly of 1906 authorized (but did not make mandatory) the use of a book of common worship; the question of a liturgy had been opened in (1883); a board of church erection in 1844; a board of work for freedmen; and a board of ministerial relief; after the union of 1869 the Board of Home Missions was removed from Philadelphia to New York City.

Neale makes three divisions - the liturgy of Jerusalem or of St James, that of Alexandria or of St Mark, and that of Edessa or of St Thaddaeus; and Daniel substantially agrees with him.

This derivation of the word Mass, which would connect it with the special formula of dismissal still preserved in the Roman liturgy - Ite, missa est- once generally accepted, is now disputed.

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Of Western rituals indicate the importance which was attached to this part of the liturgy by the fact of its being written in a much more ornate way than the other parts, e.g.

Other customs, now obsolete, were formerly associated with the liturgy of this feast; e.g.

What in the opinion of Albrecht Dieterich (Eine Mithrasliturgie, Leipzig, 1903) is a Mithras liturgy is preserved in a Greek MS. of Egyptian origin of about A.D.

It is consistent with this circle of ideas that initiation into the profound mysteries of the liturgy was regarded, together with the preservation of dogma, as the most exalted function of theology.

In this article the liturgy is treated in the former and stricter sense.

The Shorter Catechism was taught; the liturgy was not brought in; the sole change was in kirk government.

But though it is certain that he introduced three changes in the liturgy itself (viz.