Sentence Examples with the word little sister

My little sister and baby brother love to have me tell them stories in the long summer evenings when I am at home; and my mother and teacher often ask me to read to them from my favourite books.

If it is too warm in Tuscumbia for little sister to wear her pretty mittens, she can keep them because her sister made them for her.

I guarded both doll and cradle with the most jealous care; but once I discovered my little sister sleeping peacefully in the cradle.

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My darling little sister is growing very fast.

Howard had insisted on picking up his little sister that night for safety reasons.

You will be glad to hear that my mother, and little sister and brother are coming north to spend this summer with me.

Give many kisses to little sister and much love to all.

Robert Southey never forgot how Wesley kissed his little sister and put his hand on his head and blessed him.

At Christmas, my mother and little sister spent the holidays with me, and Mr. Gilman kindly offered to let Mildred study in his school.

Mildred is a sweet little sister and I am sure you would love her.