Sentence Examples with the word litter

The haulm and husks are either used for litter or burned, and the ashes spread upon the land.

The medic and another man placed the injured soldier on a portable litter and rose, ready.

A mulch of half-decayed stable litter is useful to prevent loss of moisture in summer.

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The huts of this last settlement appear to have had cattle stalls between them, the droppings and litter forming heaps at the lake bottom.

Shallow planting, whether of wall trees or standards, is generally to be preferred, a covering of a few inches of soil being sufficient for the roots, but a surface of at least equal size to, the surface of the hole should be covered with dung or litter so as to restrain evaporation and preserve moisture.

General Forbes himself was so ill that he had to be carried in a litter throughout the campaign.

Undismayed, he attacked the mass of litter and with his own hands removed 3000 barrow-loads.

The litter box remained, and she knew if she looked under the bed, Sunny would be there.

This business is frequently performed by a gamekeeper, a sum being paid him for any litter of cubs or fox found on his beat.

He recalled none of this, nor his damaged body being placed on a litter at the narrow edge of the cascading water and lifted upward from the depth of the inaccessible gorge to the penstock path above.