Sentence Examples with the word litmus

They are neutral to litmus and do not combine with dilute acids or bases; strong bases, such as lime and baryta, yield saccharates, whilst, under certain conditions, acids and acid anhydrides may yield esters.

The solution reddens litmus and is an astringent.

Boric acid (q.v.) being only a weak acid, its salts readily undergo hydrolytic dissociation in aqueous solution, and this property can be readily shown with a concentrated aqueous solution of borax, for by adding litmus and then just sufficient acetic acid to turn the litmus red, the addition of a large volume of water to the solution changes the colour back to blue again.

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The free acid turns blue litmus to a claret colour.

The aqueous solution is strongly acid to litmus and dissolves most metals directly.

In the solution, therefore, there is now an excess of hydroxyl ions; consequently it has an alkaline reaction and the litmus turns blue.

The solution of arsenious oxide in water reacts acid towards litmus and contains tribasic arsenious acid, although on evaporation of the solution the trioxide is obtained and not the free acid.

By adding certain alkalies to the other ingredients used in the preparation of these pigments, the colour becomes indigoblue, in which case it is the litmus of the Dutch manufacturers.