Sentence Examples with the word lithographic

Walchi is abundant in the Oolitic lithographic slates of Bavaria.

There is a large lithographic establishment, and a considerable trade is done in wine and fruit, the wines of Esslingen being very famous.

These woodcuts, like the lithographic or engraved surface, served one definite purpose only, but in typography the types can be distributed and used again in other combinations.

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The manufacture of morocco leather goods and the quarrying of the lithographic stone of the vicinity are carried on, and there is trade in cattle, grain, wine, truffles and dressed pork.

With the exception of a few species from the Solenhofen lithographic Oolite, fossil Diptera belong to the Tertiary Period, during which the members of this order attained a high degree of development.

In lithographic printing the surface of the stone, which is practically level, is protected by dampening against taking the ink except where the design requires.

The name of Archaeopteryx litho graphica was based by Hermann von Meyer upon a feather (Gr.irrEpv, wing) found in 1861 in the lithographic slate quarries of Solenhofen in Bavaria, the geological horizon being that of the Kimmeridge clay of the Upper Oolite or Jurassic system.

Trade is in wool, iron, grain, sheep, lithographic stone and leather.

Linseed oil is also the principal ingredient in printing and lithographic inks.

It has also extensive lithographic works, and its wool market is celebrated.