Sentence Examples with the word literary work

But (as always happens in the case of literary work where the form exactly suits the author's genius) the purpose in all the best of them disappears almost entirely.

Although much of his literary work consisted of political journalism, he yet found time to write a large number of essays, poems and tales.

The amiable duke and duchess of Luxembourg, who were his neighbours at Montlouis, made his acquaintance, or rather forced theirs upon him, and he was industrious in his literary work - indeed, most of his best books were produced during his stay in the neighbourhood of its author in effigy.

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Unfortunately Bradshaw allowed his attention to be distracted by a multiplicity of subjects, so that he has not left any literary work commensurate with his powers.

Her literary work consists of the Heptameron, of poems entitled Les Marguerites de la marguerite des princesses, and of Letters.

Hallam's earliest literary work was undertaken in connexion with the great organ of the Whig party, the Edinburgh Review, where his review of Scott's Dryden attracted much notice.

His last literary work was the collection of his Miscellanies, published in two volumes, in 1867.

From Sir Walter Scott downwards the tendency to judge literary work on its own merits to a great extent restored Defoe to his proper place, or, to speak more correctly, set him there for the first time.

After a year or two of desultory literary work he was (May 1839) appointed to the newlyinstituted chair of Humanity (Latin) in the Marischal College.

His most important literary work is his Memorie sull' Italia e specialmente sull y Toscana dal 1814 al 1850, in 2 vols.