Sentence Examples with the word listing

He added a rather belated listing for the Torquay Book Fair on March 20th.

Cynthia took up a pencil and paper again and began listing the different letters but almost as soon as they'd begun, they were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

I told them they would be better off listing it in an Arkansas paper.

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There was a listing for newly arrived L. Larkin, with an address on Oak Street.

It was the issue listing the graduates of Parkside High School.

No separate listing for Edith, but she was in the high school yearbook and graduated in 1960.

She checked the clock on the nightstand then the notepad listing the time of the flight she'd booked the afternoon before after exploring the mansion.

The break room in the back was small with a table, refrigerator and microwave, a white board listing names and schedules, and a locker room with a shower and washer and dryer.

There was also a small sheet of white paper listing 11.2 gallons of gas purchased in Aberdeen, Maryland, a mileage figure and the amount of the purchase.

Cynthia then began listing the different numbers that had been utilized.