Sentence Examples with the word listed

Ryland listed his address as Grand Junction, Colorado and indicated he'd stay at least through the weekend when the ice climbing festivities began in earnest.

Fitzgerald listed a college degree, birth in Ouray, and nineteen years in law enforcement, the last eleven in administrative duty.

The article listed past instances of use, admitting on rare occasions the psychic proved helpful to police investigations.

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I listed piece by piece what I had.

The report methodically listed each person interviewed and what they said about Jeffrey Byrne.

He was also listed as a person of interest in the deaths of at least six young women in the Missouri-Kentucky area.

Many of the wooden and iron vessels listed in the Naval Annual, 1906, though obsolete and of no value whatever as fighting machines, are used for river and harbour service, and in the suppression of trifling insurrections.

The timber resources of Alaska are untouched 2 280 species of mosses proper, of which 46 were new to science, and 16 varieties of peat moss (Sphagnum) were listed by the Harriman expedition; and 74 species or varieties of ferns.

He listed Markham Party on Thursday, but no overnight lodging.

Fordescriptionsof physical featuresand accounts of natural resources see Reports of the Kentucky Geological Survey, the Biennial Reports of the Bureau of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics, the Reports of the United States Census and various publications of the U.S. Geological Survey, and other publications listed in Bulletin 301 (Bibliography and Index of North American Geology for 1901-1905) and other bibliographies of the Survey.