Sentence Examples with the word liquefaction

The persuasion of some of his countrymen in Florence, one of whom is said to have been the Jesuit Robert Parsons, and a story he heard of the miraculous liquefaction of the blood of San Januarius at Naples, led to his conversion in 1606.

They Are Removed By Passing The Vapours In Succession Through Concentrated Solutions Of The Caustic Alkalis, Concentrated Sulphuric Acid, And Triethyl Phosphine; The Residual Gas Is Then Purified By Liquefaction (W.

The carbide is heated to complete liquefaction and tapped at short intervals.

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His name is most widely known in connexion with his work on the liquefaction of the so-called permanent gases and his researches at temperatures approaching the zero of absolute temperature.

The liquefaction of helium was achieved by H.

He was a pioneer in experimental work with the liquefaction of gases (see 16.745 and 757).

Olszewski, and illustrated for the first time in public the liquefaction of oxygen and air, by means of apparatus specially designed for optical projection so that the actions taking place might be visible to the audience.

A certain critical temperature is observed in a gas, above which the liquefaction is impossible; so that the gaseous state has two subdivisions into (i.)a true gas, which cannot be liquefied, because its temperature is above the critical temperature, (ii.) a vapour, where the temperature is below the critical, and which can ultimately be liquefied by further lowering of temperature or increase of pressure.

It is believed also that they secrete bactericidal substances and ferments which bring about the liquefaction of the fibrin and the damaged tissues - histolysis - and thus assist the process of absorption.