Sentence Examples with the word lip

Mary gnawed on her lower lip and it was her turn to blush.

Except in a few aberrant types, which are mentioned below, the mouth is surrounded by a much developed lip like a funnel directed downwards, and is armed with a horny beak not unlike that of a cuttle-fish.

Pierre's lip was completely insubordinate, and it was obvious he'd never worked for Dusty.

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Tears burned her eyes and her lower lip trembled.

Vittatus, of Sumatra, characterized by having a broad reddish or whitish band running from the middle of the snout along the upper lip to disappear on the side of the neck; the skull being short and high, with the facial portion of the lachrymal bone small.

Her lip quivered and a sob threatened to choke off her voice.

She nibbled on her lower lip with her tiny fangs.

Many languages find the combination qu, when both sounds are consonantal (qw), difficult; q being the deepest guttural while u (English w) is a lip sound, the points of production are nearly as far separate as they can be.

More anger stirred as Jade bit his lip to keep from defending Kris.

Molly started to bite her lip and I thought tears would follow but Betsy grabbed her hand.