Sentence Examples with the word lioness

When I talk French to Lioness I will call her mon beau chien.

Loca ier animal shajies particularly affected by goddesses were this se of a lioness (Sakhmi, Pakhe) or a cow (Hathor, Isis).

My great dog Lioness goes with us when we ride to protect us.

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When I see Lioness I will tell her many things which will surprise her greatly.

Their natural ferocity and powerful armature are sometimes turned upon one another; combats, often mortal, occur among male lions under the influence of jealousy; and Andersson relates an instance of a quarrel between a hungry lion and lioness over the carcase of an antelope which they had just killed, and which did not seem sufficient for the appetite of both, ending in the lion not only killing, but devouring his mate.

He said you must feed Lioness from your hand, because she will be more gentle if she does not eat with other dogs.

The lioness is about a foot less.

At all events the lion remains with the lioness while the cubs are young and helpless, and assists in providing her and them with food, and in educating them in the art of providing for themselves.

The winter before, her dog Lioness had been killed, and friends set to work to raise money to buy Helen another dog.

The sistrum consists of a metal frame in the shape of an egg, fastened to a handle, frequently surmounted by a grotesque head or by a figure of the sacred lioness Sekhet.