Sentence Examples with the word linz

In the Capuchin church is the tomb of Count Raimondo Montecucculi, who died at Linz in 1680.

For administrative purposes, Upper Austria is divided into two autonomous municipalities, Linz (58,778) the capital, and Steyr (17,592) and 12 districts.

From the 24th of June to the 29th of August 1626, Linz was besieged, and its inhabitants reduced to the utmost straits by bands of insurgent peasants.

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During the siege of Vienna in 1683, the castle of Linz was the residence of Leopold I.

Closed in by mountains it flows past Linz in an unbroken stream - below, it expands and divides into many arms until it reaches the famous whirlpool near Grein where its waters unite and flow on in one channel for 40 m., through mountains and narrow passes.

William followed the traditional Wittelsbach policy, opposition to the Habsburgs, until in 1534 he made a treaty at Linz with Ferdinand, king of Hungary and Bohemia.

After serving as priest in several Bavarian towns, he made his way in 1799 to Linz in Austria, where he was welcomed by Bishop Gall, and set to work first at Leonding and then at Waldneukirchen, becoming in 1806 pastor at Gallneukirchen.

In 1723, commemorating the triple deliverance of Linz from war, fire, and pestilence.

Krackowitzer, Die Donaustadt Linz (Linz, 1901).

The local diet, of which the bishop of Linz is a member ex officio, is composed of 50 members and the duchy sends 22 members to the Reichsrat at Vienna.