Sentence Examples with the word lingua

By the simplicity of its phonetic elements, the regularity of its grammatical structure, and the copiousness of its nautical vocabulary, the Malay language is singularly well fitted to be the lingua franca throughout the Indian archipelago.

Under the headings Latin Language and Osca Lingua there.

In archaeology his great achievement was Saggio di lingua Etrusca (1789), followed by Saggio delle lingue Ital.

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C. 600), who is still remembered as the writer of the three well-known hymns beginning Salve Testa dies, Vexilla regis prodeunt, and Pange lingua gloriosi proelium certaminis.

Good text-books are P. Budmani, Grammatica della lingua serbocroata (Vienna, 1867); Parchich, Grammatre de la langue serbocroate (Paris, 1877); Fr.

Hausa is the lingua franca of the whole.

The municipal magistrates took the title of sufetes in place of that of duumvirs, and in certain towns the Christian bishops were obliged to know the lingua Punica, since it was the only language that the people understood.

Caruana, Sull' origine della lingua Maltese (1896); J.

The preface treats of Greek sciences, geometry, the discovery of specific gravity by Archimedes, and other discoveries of the Greeks, and of Romans of his time who have vied with the Greeks -- Lucretius in his poem De Rerum Natura, Cicero in rhetoric, and Varro in philology, as shown by his De Lingua Latina.

His notices of ancient sculpture and its various styles appeared as an appendix to the Saggio di lingua Etrusca, and arose out of his minute study of the treasures then added to the Florentine collection from the Villa Medici.