Sentence Examples with the word linger

Italian metal-workers are mainly employed in reproduction; but traditions linger in some remote parts, while the sporadic appearance of craftsmen of a high order is evidence that the ancient artistic spirit is not wholly extinct.

He took her wrap and put it around her, letting his fingers linger briefly on her bare, warm shoulder.

Many pagan beliefs linger on in the country, where vampires, witches and the evil eye are dreaded by all.

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A theory, which seems to have some probability in its favour, is that these mines were worked by the Khmer people during the period of power, energy and prosperity which found its most lofty expression in the now ruined and deserted city of Angkor Thom; while another attributes these works to the natives of India whose Hindu remains are found in Java and elsewhere, whose influence was at one time widespread throughout Malayan lands, and of whose religious teaching remnants still linger in the superstitions of the Malays and are preserved in some purity in Lombok and Bali.

Co isolated features which find a parallel in more completely p known cults presuppose such cults; yet it may be in- (erre d that they point to earlier, more perfect structures, to rites which perhaps linger only as a memory, and to conceptions and beliefs which have been elevated or modified by other religions.

Their earliest halting place was probably the Malay Archipelago, where a few of their kin linger in the Mentawi Islands on the west coast of Sumatra.

But he was allowed to linger in his prison until 1595 when he died, the sight of his wife and children being cruelly refused to the dying man.

He wanted to linger there, feeling her warmth, but she quickly pulled away.

In the first place, the poet chose to linger at Leipzig.

We cannot linger over the details of this plan.