Sentence Examples with the word line of succession

In case of failure in the line of succession an administrator was appointed by the state.

Had assented to the legitimating of his brothers the Beauforts, he had attached a clause to the act, to provide that they were given every right save that of counting in the line of succession to the throne.

On 28th April she arrived home, and a few days later the prince of Wales's second son, George, duke of York (see George V.), who by his brother's death had been left in the direct line of succession to the throne, was betrothed to the Princess May, the marriage being celebrated on 6th July in the Chapel Royal of St James's Palace.

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As the direct line of succession died out with Har Krishan, the guruship harked back at this point to Teg Bahadur, the second son of Har Govind and uncle of Har Rai.