Sentence Examples with the word line

He struck out a new line for himself, and was indebted for his inspiration to no previous writer, whether Turk or Persian.

The sample, arranged as a bundle of rectangular strips, is caused to rotate about a central horizontal axis between the poles of an upright C-shaped magnet, which is supported near 'its middle upon knife-edges in such a manner that it can oscillate about an axis in a line with that about which the specimen rotates; the lower side of the magnet is weighted, to give it some stability.

From Cape Ca-Mau to Rach-Gia it runs north for a distance of m., then north-west as far as Ha-Tien, where the boundary line between it and Cambodia meets the sea.

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Touches the agrarian line already mentioned, the principal crops are rye and oats, with barley and wheat coming next, though flax and green crops are also grown.

Except in the neighbourhood of Aden, no regular surveys exist, and professional work is limited to the marine surveys of the Indian government and the admiralty, which, while laying down the coast line with fair accuracy, give little or no topographical information inland.

All that talk about purity - and I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

She searched out other tip line numbers and the Warwick Police as well.

It has a station on the Cambrian line between Moat Lane and Brecon, and two others (high and low levels) at Builth Road about 14 m.

Corps coming in on the right, taking over the 32nd Div., and putting the ist into line on its left, with the 6th and 46th in support.

PLANTAGENET, a surname conveniently, but unhistorically, applied to the royal line descended from the union of Geoffrey, count of Anjou, with the empress Maud, who are now styled by historians the Angevin house.