Sentence Examples with the word lincoln

The Upper Lias enters the county at Stainby, passing by Grantham and Lincoln where it is worked for bricks.

At the election held on the 8th of November 1864, Lincoln received 2,216,076 of the popular votes, and M'Clellan (who had openly disapproved of the resolution declaring the war a failure) but 1,808,725; while of the presidential electors 212 voted for Lincoln and 21 for M'Clellan.

A chapter was constituted, the bishop being dean; amongst its members was a canon missioner (the first to be appointed in England), and the Scholae Cancellarii were founded after the Lincoln pattern.

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On the 21st of August 1858 the first of the series of political debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A.

A fragment of the ghastly structure is in the library of Lincoln cathedral.

Only Mrs. Lincoln roamed the halls, purring for a pat, as Franny and Ryland walked hand in hand to his room.

GEORGE BOOLE (1815-1864), English logician and mathematician, was born in Lincoln on the 2nd of November 1815.

Fred O'Connor finished reading the latest pages as Mrs. Lincoln crawled onto his lap.

In 1503 he was the first Margaret professor at Cambridge; and the following year was raised to the see of Rochester, to which he remained faithful, although the richer sees of Ely and Lincoln were offered to him.

As captain Lincoln was twice in disgrace, once for firing a pistol near camp and again because nearly his entire company was intoxicated..