Sentence Examples with the word limp

She lay limp in his arms, startled and afraid to respond - afraid the kiss meant nothing to him.

Rhyn followed, painfully aware of the limp mortal body in his arms.

He'll limp around for a week or so and then he'll be fine.

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He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her limp frame against him.

He then carried Cynthia Byrne's limp but still drenched and shivering body through the connecting door to her bed and laid her on one of the towels.

Her eyes were bloodshot but otherwise she looked pale lying on the sheets like a limp doll.

She held his limp hand and fought back panic.

He carefully hefted her limp body and held her against him like a child.

Stepping into the room, he took the book from a limp hand and placed it quietly on the night stand.

Yes, it was like a dream in which a man fancies that a ruffian is coming to attack him, and raises his arm to strike that ruffian a terrible blow which he knows should annihilate him, but then feels that his arm drops powerless and limp like a rag, and the horror of unavoidable destruction seizes him in his helplessness.