Sentence Examples with the word limit

Crete thus forms the natural limit between the Mediterranean and the Archipelago.

Enrolment ceased to be obligatory, lasted only for a year, and the limit of age was dispensed with.

The grant finally came into the possession of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, and in 1746 a stone was erected at the source of the north branch of the Potomac to mark the western limit of the grant.

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The upper limit of arborescent vegetation is considered to run at 7000-7500 ft., of shrubs such as rhododendrons at 850o ft., and of pasture-lands up to 9000 ft.

This reasoning does not appear conclusive, and if it be set aside, the limit of date for the beginning of the work is carried back to A.D.

The Oxus figures in Persian romantic history as the limit between Iran and Turan, but the substratum of settled population to the north as well as the south was probably of Iranian lineage.

I broke the speed limit wasting no time getting there.

But there is a limit to love-making, and George Sand, always practical, set to work to provide the means of living.

Of Archangel, and the limit is still lower towards the Urals.

From its mouth to the limit of navigability from the sea the river is in British territory; above that point it flows through French territory.