Sentence Examples with the word likes

And it's said very well, and I like to hear a chap talk up that way; you are just the man for him--the likes of ye.

Everyone likes you, Carmen.

And if I did, I wouldn't tell the likes of you.

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The Dark One likes to control those close to him.

We can't afford to lose whales by the likes of you; a whale would sell for thirty times what you would, Pip, in Alabama.

I don't think Mr. Whitehouse likes Jerome Shipton.

Her little brown mate has flown away with the other birds; but Annie is not sad, for she likes to stay with me.

I can't even tell if he likes me half the time.

Stevenson, whom Miss Sullivan likes and used to read to her pupil, is another marked influence.

The result is a comparative table of likes and dislikes.