Sentence Examples with the word liked

She liked that about Gerry while wondering if he was able to make her blood burn as Xander had.

She understood why he liked the spot; the scent of honeysuckle and herbs was thick in the air, the manicured gardens pleasant to look at and the awning providing the right amount of cool shade from the midmorning Georgia sun.

She liked him even less after that occurrence and chose to hide in the conference room every day after that, unwilling to deal with him again.

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Bilibin liked conversation as he liked work, only when it could be made elegantly witty.

Now, he had a reason to care what tomorrow brought, and he wasn't certain he liked the newfound feeling.

Spencer was nearly ten years older than her, but maybe she liked older men.

He liked her, more than he should, given she was working on betraying him.

Pierre did not eat anything though he would very much have liked to.

That way she would know you liked women.

Kiera liked her mind the way it was, liked roaming through the hallways and spending the mornings in training with the little boys out back.