Sentence Examples with the word lignite

The abundant lignite coal in the region was to operate pumps for raising water from the river into canals crossing the valley.

Recent experiments lead to the conclusion that iron, lead, manganese, lignite and sulphur exist in considerable abundance.

Coals are extracted at Neudorf, Lesitz, Ratiskowitz and Ceic; lignite at Rossitz, Oslavan and Mahrisch-Ostrau.

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It has a royal shell factory, calico-printing mills, lignite mines, stone quarries and pottery and tobacco factories.

This alteration of coast-line appears at Loosduinen, where the moor or fenland formerly developed behind the dunes now crops out on the shore amid the sand, being pressed to the compactness of lignite by the weight of the sand drifted over it.

The most productive are those of iron and zinc. Lignite is found in the department of Algiers and petroleum in that of Oran.

The lignite in this region also warms the ranchman's cabin, being easily mined where a seam is exposed in the walls of a ravine or on the side of a hill.

In the south-western parts a succession of strata, described as the Brown Coal or Lignite formations, intervenes between the chalk and the boulder clay; its name is derived from the deposits of lignite which occur in it.

Salt is also found in large quantities; but mining and quarrying are not practised on a large scale; only lead, lignite and asphalt being worked.

There are lignite mines in the vicinity.