Sentence Examples with the word lightening

The champions of national defence and those who demanded a lightening of the burdens of taxation.

Purple lightening rippled in the air nearby.

Then she turned toward him and with a lightening swing slapped Dean across the face with a force that shocked him cold.

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These measures Nerva supplemented by others which aimed at lightening the financial burdens on the declining industry of Italy.

The system of the catasto, which led to abuses, was abolished, and a progressive income-tax (decima scalata) was introduced with the object of lightening the burdens of the poor, who were as a rule Medicean, at the expense of the rich; but as it was frequently increased the whole community came to be oppressed by it in the end.

He snatched her arm hard, and lightening flashed through her, making her nauseous.

Thunder echoed in the distance and lightening flashed.

Darian blocked lightening aimed at the vampire, who disappeared once more into the shadows.

Instinctively, he blocked another strike of lightening while absorbing a second.

It may well be that that operation must be regarded as done in the interest simply of the bullion itself, but that the subsequent operations of lightening the ship and floating her can only be properly regarded as undertaken in the common interest of ship, hemp, grain and freight.