Sentence Examples with the word ligament

On the other hand, the ligament h acts upon the short arm formed by the umbonal ridge of the shells; whenever the adductors relax, the elastic substance of the ligament contracts, and the shells gape.

Crassatellidae.-Shell thick, with concentric striae, ligament external; foot short.

The ligament is external, and the hinge carries cardinal teeth in each valve.

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Tellinidae.-External gill-plate directed upwards; siphons separate and elongated; foot with byssus; palps very large; ligament external.

Above, there is the Fallopian tube, already described; below and in front is the round ligament; behind, the ovary projects backward, and just above this, when the broad ligament is stretched out as in fig.

The round ligament and the remains of the ductus venosus are hidden in the depths of their fissures.

The attachment of the falciform ligament is continued down it.

When these have united the Spigelian lobe re of ductus venosus mental tuberosity ageal groove End of right suprarenal vein Suprarenal impression R; ght end of caudate lobe Uncovered area of right lobe Renal impression Attachment of right lateral ligament Fissu Portal fissure Umbilical fissure Quadrate lobe Portal vein Gall bladder Duodenal impression 0 Oesoph Cohc impressio; From A.

Mytilidae.-Shell inequilateral, anterior end short; hinge without teeth; ligament external.

Dimyarian, with orbicular and almost equilateral shell; adherent; hinge without teeth Sand ligament internal.