Sentence Examples with the word lift

The little kitten brightened, its eyes shone, and it seemed ready to lift its tail, jump down on its soft paws, and begin playing with the ball of worsted as a kitten should.

There are several modern churches and chapels, numerous villas, a pier and a lift connecting the town with the esplanade beneath the cliff.

He waited for the barrier before him to lift and then strode out.

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He'd trained her to use many of the weapons and encouraged her to visit the armory, even when she was young and too weak to lift a sword.

To work the lift, pressure-water is admitted to the annular space C above the lower of the two balance pistons (the space B above the upper one is always in communication with the pressure-water), and the combined pressure on the two pistons is sufficient to lift the cage, ram and load.

You can tell the poisonous ones because they lift their heads out of the water while they swim.

Moreover, the height of the lift is conditioned by the atmospheric pressure, for this is the driving force; and since this equals 34 ft.

The two men first boarded chair lift number ten and ten and a half minutes later were eighteen hundred feet higher than Fred and Donnie, at nearly eleven thousand feet elevation.

The programme of construction which this initial expenditure was to cover was fixed at two battleships of about 16,000 tons displacement, one armoured cruiser of about 12,000 tons displacement, some few auxiliary vessels (destroyers and gunboats), and a floating dock to lift about 17,000 tons.

In fact, he had given her strict orders not to lift anything.