Sentence Examples with the word lifetime

The closing years of the Judaean kingdom and the final destruction of the temple (586 B.C.) shattered the Messianic ideals cherished in the evening of Isaiah's lifetime and again in the opening years of the reign of Josiah.

He gave his kingdom away during his lifetime to his two sons, Ferrex and Porrex.

I've spent a lifetime looking at long term implications.

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The sensation intrigued her after a lifetime of rejection and isolation.

Eventually Mackintosh obtained a grant of ioo a year for him in 1824 during the lifetime of George IV., as one of the royal associates of the Society of Literature, and at different times he received help principally from Stuart, the publisher, Poole, Sotheby, Sir George Beaumont, Byron and Wordsworth, while his children shared Southey's home at Keswick.

On the occasion of the tsar's coronation (May 31, 1584), Boris was loaded with honours and riches, yet he held but the second place in the regency during the lifetime of his co-guardian Nikita Romanovich, on whose death, in August, he was left without any serious rival.

It was unrealistic to think two people could spend a lifetime together and never squabble about anything.

First published anonymously in 1628, it became very popular, and ran through ten editions in the lifetime of the author.

Maybe he was afraid she would take half of what he had taken a lifetime to acquire.

The most accomplished and versatile representative of his gifted family, Richard was, in his lifetime and long afterwards, a favourite hero with troubadours and romancers.