Sentence Examples with the word lifeboat

It is strongly fortified, and there are a lighthouse, and lifeboat and pilot stations.

M.); Baltrum, with a lifeboat station; Langeoog (8 sq.

Neuwerk, containing some marshland protected by dikes, has two lighthouses and a lifeboat station.

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The low and dangerous coasts, off which the seas are generally very shallow, are efficiently served by a series of lifeboat stations.

M.), with a lighthouse and lifeboat station.

M.), with two lifeboat stations, and connected by steamer with Norddeich and Greetsiel; Norderney (52 sq.

In 1885 a serious disaster befell the islanders, a lifeboat which went to take provisions to a ship in the offing was lost with all hands - fifteen men - and only four adult males were left on the island.