Sentence Examples with the word liege

The Revue belge (1835-1843), in spite of the support of the best writers of the kingdom, as well as its successor the Revue de Liege (1844-1847), the Tresor national (1842-1843), published at Brussels, and the Revue de Belgique (1846-1851) were all short-lived.

A monument to a local celebrity named Chapuis is interesting for the reason that his execution by order of the prince-bishop of Liege was the last act of sovereignty taken by that prelate.

Since he could not dismember the kingdom of France, his only course was to reconstitute the ancient kingdom of Lotharingia; while the conquest of the principality of Liege and of the duchy of Gelderland, and the temporary occupation of Alsace, pledged to him by Sigismund of Austria, made him greedy for Germany.

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Finding himself in command of a squadron which represented practically the whole of Japan's naval forces, he refused to acquiesce in the deposition of the Shogun, his liege lord, and, steaming off to Yezo (1867), proclaimed a republic and fortified Hakodate.

But Mahmud had by this time heard of his asylum at the court of the caliph, and wrote a letter menacing his liege lord, and demanding the surrender of the poet.

But he was soon called back to his estates by a rising of the people of Liege against his brother-in-law, the bishop of that town.

LANDEN, a town in the province of Liege, Belgium, an important junction for lines of railway from Limburg, Liege and Louvain.

When after the fall of Liege in 1914 von Jagow handed to Mr. Gerard, the American ambassador in Berlin, the note to Belgium, offering full reparation for damages, in case free passage to France were granted German troops, Van Dyke flatly refused to act as intermediary.

By his ruthless suppression of revolts at Dinant and Liege he made his authority undisputed throughout the Netherlands.

At first Lothair, fully occupied with the affairs of Germany, remained heedless and neutral; but in March 1131 he was visited at Liege by Innocent, to whom he promised his assistance.