Sentence Examples with the word lie about

In the northern part of this desert the dunes lie about N.W.-S.E., but farther south incline more towards the meridian, becoming at last very nearly north and south.

I said I did not want you to lie about it.

Jennifer didn't lie about her father.

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The sea frontage extends about three miles; there is, however, no harbour, and steamers have to lie about a mile out, goods and passengers being landed in surf boats.

A number of ridges and peaks bearing special names, such as the Rogue river, Umpqua and Siskiyou Mountains, belong to this group. The Cascade Mountains, the most important range in Oregon, extend parallel with the coast and lie about too m.

Clunies Ross, the owner of the Keeling Islands, which lie about 750 m.

These granite domes, lacking a harbour, lie about a mile apart, and the boundary line between the possessions of Russia and the United States passes between them.

While he'd considered bringing his revolver to Colorado, he had no official reason to do so and was reluctant to lie about being on police business.