Sentence Examples with the word lick

With a lick of her lips, she flickered her gaze up to his again then down, a smile playing across her face.

A list of spectroscopic binaries discovered up to 1905 is given in Lick Observatory Bulletin, No.

I'd seen those confusing dials and switches hundreds of times in the past, but unfortunately, never paid them a lick of attention.

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Among the attractions in this direction are Buttermilk Falls and ravine, on the outskirts of the city, Lick Brook Falls and glen and Enfield Falls and glen, the last 7 m.

If the Dawkins group had heard about Martha, none showed a lick of concern.

The fine atmosphere of the Lick observatory was well adapted to this work, and a complete photographic map of the moon on a large scale was prepared which exceeded in precision of detail any before produced.

There's not a lick of factual proof and there's a chance there never will be.

Never mind that line of logic didn't make a lick of sense.

In the southern and south-central part of the state, particularly in Orange county, there are many mineral springs, of which the best known are those at French Lick and West Baden.

James Lick (1796-1876), a cold man with few friends, who gave a great fortune to noble ends; and Adolph Sutro (1830-1898), famous for executing the Sutro Tunnel of the Comstock mines of Virginia City, Nevada, and the donor of various gifts to the city.