Sentence Examples with the word licentiousness

Though accused of extreme licentiousness in his relations with women, and though he lived for years in adultery with Dona Maria de Osorio, Philip was probably less immoral than most kings of his time, including his father, and was rigidly abstemious in eating and drinking.

The ecclesiastics who were parted at his command from the laysisters (whom they kept ostensibly as servants), the thirteen bishops whom he deposed for simony and licentiousness at a single visitation, the idle monks who thronged the avenues to the court and found themselves the public object of his scorn - all conspired against the powerful author of their wrongs.

Then trouble came upon him; complaints were made to the fathers of the alleged licentiousness of his verses, the real cause of complaint being the ridicule which Vert Vert seemed to throw upon the whole race of nuns and the anti-clerical tendency of the other poems. An example, it was urged, must be made; Gresset was expelled the order.

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By a natural recoil it produced licentiousness of conduct which the pastorals hotly denounce.

To this he adds a scathing indictment against the licentiousness of the Simonians.

Their moral character, when first visited by Europeans, was not superior to that of other islanders; and excepting when improved and preserved by the influence of Christianity, it has suffered much from the vices of intemperance and licentiousness introduced by foreigners.

Darker still were the iniquities of Carthage, surpassing even the unconcealed licentiousness of Gaul and Spain (iv.

He was sent by his parents to frequent the Roman schools, but shocked by the prevailing licentiousness he fled away.

The prevalence of elephantiasis and the occurrence of leprosy, for instance, in Hawaii, would seem to point at least in some places to a racial taint, due perhaps to the unbridled licentiousness of past generations.

The notorious licentiousness of the sect was the carrying out of their theory into practice.