Sentence Examples with the word licentious

The licentious Conies, published under the name of his brother D'Ouville, are often attributed to him.

In that licentious university Francis found the greatest difficulty in resisting attacks on his virtue, and once at least had to draw his sword to defend his personal safety against a band of ruffians.

He advanced into Italy at the head of a licentious and ruffianly soldiery, and Rome became the scene of riot and massacre, gladiatorial shows and extravagant feasting.

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Throughout his career he desired, says Swift, his intimate friend, to be thought the Alcibiades or Petronius of his age, and to mix licentious orgies with the highest political responsibilities.

This explains the charge of Manichaeism levelled against Priscillian (Jerome, for his talk of the Sordes nuptiarum, had been similarly accused, and to escape popular indignation had retired to Bethlehem),' and to this was added the accusation of magic and licentious orgies.

Gebhard was a drunken and licentious man, who owes his prominence rather to his surroundings than to his abilities.

Early in 1789 he had published twenty cantos of licentious verse, in the fashion of the time, under the title of Organt au Vatican.

Both husband and wife were extreme examples of the licentious manners of the time, but they not unfrequently lived together for considerable periods, and nearly always on good terms. Later, however, Marguerite was established in the castle of Usson in Auvergne, and after the accession of Henry the marriage was dissolved by the pope.

In the next year a new edition appeared, with the addition of some licentious verse, and the inscription par le sieur Theophile on the title-page.

The duke had capacity, but his life was so licentious that what influence he had upon the king was for evil.