Sentence Examples with the word license plate

We finally agreed that was premature so we decided to drive around campgrounds in the morning and look for a California license plate number.

I reported the license plate number to him.

And before you ask, the license plate wasn't the same.

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We don't even know the Ohio license plate is right.

Someone scrapped away the soot from the license plate sufficiently to read the number thereby confirming what we already knew.

I proceeded to slowly relate the full detail of what Howie had recorded, repeating the description of the man, car and license plate number.

I think it's worth publicizing it, especially if the license plate turns out to be stolen and we have nothing.

Howie obtained a full description of the man and his vehicle and the license plate number.

The license plate had been removed but Dean had a tracer placed on the vehicle identification number, a procedure that would take a couple of days.

He also murdered a deputy sheriff who stopped him because the law knew his license plate from a tip.