Sentence Examples with the word libya

The wars in Libya and Ethiopia w4e of less moment.

Herodotus, who ranks Libya as one of the chief divisions of the world, separating it from Asia, repudiates as fables the ordinary explanations assigned to the names Europe and Asia, but confesses his inability to say whence they came.

He afterwards left Libya and went to Thebes, where he received instruction from the Muses in the arts of healing and prophecy,.

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It is interesting to remark how this list represents the Greek colonies, from Libya to Sicily, from the Euxine to the Adriatic. Greece proper, on the other hand, is represented only by Megara and Sicyon.

This happened in Egypt and Libya and is sure to become a common tactic of dictators and autocrats.

BATTUS, the legendary founder of the Greek colony of Cyrene in Libya (about 630 B.C.).

According to tradition, Metten's son Pygmalion (820-773) slew the husband of his sister Elissa or Dido; whereupon she fled and founded Carthage (q.v.) in Libya (813; Justin xviii.

The military spirit awakened in the struggle with the Hyksos had again departed from the Egyptian nation; mercenaries from the Sudan, from Libya and from the northern.