Sentence Examples with the word library

Magic vibrated in the library then faded.

Faxon (Boston, 1908), continued quarterly in Bulletin of Bibliography, which in 1907 began a magazine subject index; Eclectic Library Catalogue (Minneapolis, 1908), issued quarterly.

Fletcher, Library Journal (1881), vi.

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He lived principally at Clapham Common, but he had also a town-house in Bloomsbury, while his library was in a house in Dean Street, Soho; and there he used to attend on appointed days to lend the books to men who were properly vouched for.

An English translation is to be found in the Ante-Nicene Christian Library (Edinburgh, 1868-1869).

Comparetti and de Petra, op. cit.) that the library was collected by Lucius Piso Caesoninus (see Regione sotterrata dal Vesuvio, Naples, 1879, p. 159 sq.), but this conjecture has not found many supporters.

The Vatican library contains a volume of manuscript letters and other documents written by him in connexion with his various missions against Luther.

From the spoils of the war he constructed the first public library at Rome, in the Atrium Libertatis, also erected by him (Pliny, Nat.

The city has a public library (1865), and is the seat of St John's School and the Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes (both Roman Catholic), of a state hospital for the insane (1878), originally planned (1877) as an inebriate asylum, liquor dealers being taxed for its erection, and of St Mary's Hospital (1889), a famous institution founded and maintained by the Sisters of St Francis.

The new county buildings (1891) possess a handsome council hall, and the castellated municipal buildings (1818-1821) were the former county buildings; the sheriff court house (1885) in St James Street, and the free library and museum (including a picture gallery) at the head of High Street, were erected (1869-1872) by Sir Peter Coats (1808-1890).