Sentence Examples with the word liberian

The rubber trade is controlled by the Liberian Rubber Corporation, which holds a special concession from the Liberian government for a number of years, and is charged with the preservation of the forests.

It is probable that the Liberian chimpanzee may offer one or more distinct varieties; there is an interesting local development of the Diana monkey, sometimes called the bay-thighed monkey (Cercopithecus diana ignita) on account of its brilliant orange-red thighs.

But of late Liberian influence has been extending, more especially in the counties of Maryland and Montserrado.

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Another English company has constructed motor roads in the Liberian hinterland to connect centres of trade with the St Paul's river.

The Liberian coast has few lagoons compared with the adjoining littoral of Sierra Leone or that of the Ivory Coast.

Long., Monaco Deep and Chun Deep off the north-west of Africa, Moseley Deep off the Cape Verde Islands, Krech Deep off the Liberian coast, and Buchanan Deep off the mouth of the Congo.

From that date, 1821, onwards to the present day, negroes and mulattos - freed slaves or the descendants of such - have been crossing the Atlantic in small numbers to settle on the Liberian coast.

Tradition asserts that the Liberian coast was first visited by Europeans when it was reached by the Dieppois merchant-adventurers in the 14th century.

From Freetown through the fertile districts of Mendiland 'to the Liberian frontier.

In the north-west, by the Liberian frontier, the mountains in the Gon region rise over 6000 ft.