Sentence Examples with the word liberally

Milner Gibson was a sportsman and a typical man of the world, who enjoyed life and behaved liberally to those connected with him.

On the Canadian side Fort William, in the mouth of the Kaministikwia, and Port Arthur, four miles distant, an artificial harbour, are the only important shipping points, being the lake terminals of three great transcontinental railway systems, though the whole north shore is liberally supplied with natural harbours.

They are liberally supported by alms, direct all .popular assemblies, and have a decisive voice in intertribal quarrels and all matters of consequence.

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It is difficult even still to get beyond the maxims of practical wisdom he scattered so liberally through his writings, the lessons to be learned from Meister and Faust, or even that calm, optimistic fatalism which never deserted Goethe, and was so completely justified by the tenor of his life.

The seeds brought home by Banks in 1771 did not succeed, but the plant was introduced by him to the Royal Gardens at Kew in 1789, and was thence liberally distributed in the ground-mass, and these rocks form transitions to the nephelinites (nephelinitoid phonolites) (see Petrology, Plate III.

The American consul is necessarily brought much into touch with the trade and commerce of the country to which he is assigned through the system of consular invoices (see AD Valorem); in his ordinary reports he is not confined to one stereotyped form, and when preparing special reports (a valuable feature of the United States consular service) he is liberally treated as regards any expense to which he has been put in obtaining information.

The General Synod of the Evangelical Church of the United States, organized in 1820, has no other creed than the Augsburg Confession, so liberally interpreted as not to exclude Calvinists.

Financial assistance and assurances as to sales and prices have been given liberally by the association where they are needed; ginning and buying centres have been established; experts have been engaged to distribute seed and afford instruction; and some land has been acquired for working under the direct management of the association.

All the large cities of Brazil are liberally provided with tramways, those of the city of Sao Paulo, where electric traction is used, being noticeably good.

Founded as a home for the new religious opinions of the 6th century, it has ever been in the forefront of German universities in liberally accepting new ideas.