Sentence Examples with the word li

Pp. 315, seq.); Berta de li gran pie, ed.

Lithium oxide, Li 2 O, is obtained by burning the metal in oxygen, or by ignition of the nitrate.

He was less successful in addressing juries, and towards the close of his career did not take Nisi Arius work, but in the court of appeal and House of Lords and before the judicial committee of the privy council he enjoyed a very large practice, making for some time fully Li 5,000 a year.

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In 1880 a laborer earning 25 krans, or LI sterling a month, could afford to keep a family; by 1908, in krans, he earned double what he did in 1880, but his wage, expressed in sterling, was the same, and wherever the prices of food have risen more than his wages he could not afford to keep a family.

The thick, main or scaur limestone (mountain limestone) of the centre and south of England, Wales and Carboniferous Ireland, which splits up in the Yorkshire dales C Limestone (Yoredale group) into a succession of stout limestone Li Series.

The infantry in the centre was arrayed in the small and handy battalions then peculiar to Gustavus's army, the horse on either wing extended from opposite Li tzen to some distance beyond Wallenstein's left, which Pappenheim was to extend on his arrival.

Lithium phosphate, Li 3 PO 4, obtained by the addition of sodium phosphate to a soluble lithium salt in the presence of sodium hydroxide, is almost insoluble in water.

The Corinthian Li LJi and (also at Corcyra) and the of Byzantine coins are other adaptations of the same symbol.

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