Sentence Examples with the word lexicon

Bergmann, Lexicon prudentianum, fasc. i.

In the East, Tanhum ben Joseph of Jerusalem was the author of commentaries (not to be confounded with the Midrash Tanhuma) on many books of the Bible, and of an extensive lexicon (Kitab al-Murshid) to the Mishnah, all in Arabic.

Meusel, Lexicon verstorbener teutschen Schriftsteller, vol.

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Johan Ihre (1707-1780), a professor at Upsala, edited the Codex argenteus of Ulfilas, and produced the valuable Svenskt Dialect Lexicon (1766) based on an earlier learned work, the Dialectologia of Archbishop Erik Benzelius (d.

Wissowa in Roscher's Lexicon der Mythologie, s.v.

For no system of marks in a lexicon can tell one how to pronounce a word.

We still possess a collection of proverbs under his name, probably an abridgment of the collection made by himself from his lexicon (ed.

Roscher, Lexicon der griechischen and romischen Mythologie; Pauly-Wissowa, Realencyclopcidie der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft; Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

This lexicon is of especial importance by reason of its ample.

Punische Schrift (1835), a pioneering work which he followed up in 1837 by his collection of Phoenician monuments (Scripturae linguaeque Phoeniciae monumenta quotquot supersunt); an Aramaic lexicon (1834-1839); and a treatise on the Himyaritic language written in conjunction with E.