Sentence Examples with the word levis

Senac also wrote a moderate exposition of the causes that led to the revolution, entitled Du gouvernement, des mours et des conditions en France avant la Revolution, avec les caracteres des principaux personnages du regne de Louis XVI; the last part was reprinted (1813) by the duc de Levis with a notice of the author as Portraits et caracteres.

After some years spent in journalism at Chicago, he was in 1874 elected as the Liberal candidate to represent Levis in the Canadian parliament.

Scholars in England, America and Denmark, as well as in Germany, have taken part in this great enterprise, and though the completion of it may be far off, the collections of classified material already made are very valuable for consultation.i At present Egyptologists depend on Heinrich Brugschs admirable but somewhat antiquated Wrterbuch and on Levis useful but entirely uncritical Vocabolario.

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But His Montcalm Et Levis (1891) And Other Works On The Conquest, Are' All Warped By A Strong Bias Against Both Wolfe And Montcalm, And In Favour Of Vandreuil, The Canadian Born Governor; While They Show An Inadequate Grasp Of Military Problems, And' Practically Ignore The Vast Determining Factor Of Sea Powei Altogether.