Sentence Examples with the word levee

At the levee Prince Andrew stood among the Austrian officers as he had been told to, and the Emperor Francis merely looked fixedly into his face and just nodded to him with his long head.

The Louisiana Board of Levee Commissioners was organized in 1865.

Nor is it in the sphere of taxation alone that Williams organization of the realm stands on the old English customs. In the military sphere, though his normal army is the feudal force composed of the tenants-in-chief and the knights whom they have enfeoffed, he retains the power to call out the fyrd, the old national levee en masse, without regard to whether its members are freemen or villeins of some lord.

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Impatient at the slow progress made by the besieging force, he decreed a levee en masse in the department of Puy-de-Dome, collected an army of 60,000 men, and himself led them to Lyons.

Granted him unlimited subsidies which there was no time to collect, and ordered a levee en masse of the entire male population, which could not possibly assemble within the given time.

They refused therefore to grant him either subsidies or a levee en masse, and he bad to take what he wanted by force.

Above high water; the streets are broad, well paved and pleasantly shaded; and a broad levee overlooks the river.

Many state convicts are employed in levee construction, and there are convict farms at Angola, Hope, Oakley and Monticello.

From them, the official guardians of Hungary's safety, he received no help, either during his governorship (1446-1453), or when, in 1454, on the eve of his departure for his last and most glorious campaign, the diet commanded a levee en masse of the whole population in his support.

Of levee on the Mississippi river within the state, and 84 m.